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Whilst I have collected much of the data used to compile this database and family history, other people have contributed significant amounts of data.

Karen Evans has sent me a lot of data, including information from the parish registers of Harrow, Harrow Weald and the Stanmores, and comparison of her transcriptions with mine has improved the data quality and corrected some significant errors.

Paul Parsons enquiries and supply of census data stimulated me to actually get on and create a database so that I didn't have to type things out every time someone asked a question. Putting all the data in an on-line database was the next logical thing.

Jim Golland supplied a lot of data and references from his index of Harrow local history.

Many others have asked questions, supplied data and encouraged me to study the Bodimeade family, including my VI Form teacher Mrs Robottom, Roy Hemington, fellow members of the then Central Middlesex Family History Society and Dorothy Mutton.

Finally this would probably have never got where it has without the start given by my mother in the late 1970s when she interviewed my grandmother and great-aunts about their family, and the encouragement and interest she showed over three decades of research.

Andrew Millard
November 2003. Updated 15 Apr 2021

Base page Transcriptions Database Family groups Technical notes Acknowledgements
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