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These family groups have been reconstructed from the records I hold. This page provides information about the current status of research, and an indication of the next steps required to take them back in time. If you have any information relating to them, or any other Bodimeades, I would love to hear from you at . The linked names in the following paragraphs take you to the relevant entry in my online database.

I have a lot more data that cannot be linked into family groups of three or more generations, so if you cannot find what you are looking for here, you may find it worth while looking at the transcribed records, or with a specific query.

Last updated: 23 Sep 2014 (a long gap in updates!) Family B now linked to Family 2, Family K extended back one generation, Family M linked to Family 3. Previously updated: 12 September 2008 with family H linked; 09 February 2008 with two more families linked; 09 April 2005, to reflect upgraded database software; 26 February 2005, addition of a lot of data on 20th century births, marriages and deaths, as well as data for the majority of people expected to be found in the 1861, 1871 and 1891 censuses; 11 August 2004. Initially placed online: January 2004.

Family 1

This is the family who were brickmakers at Harrow Weald Common, The lineage starts with Audery Bodimeade of Watford in 1661. Her son John owned a kiln at Harrow Weald Common, which, in his will of 1671 he left to his son Matthew. Matthew still owned the kiln in 1685, when he leased the land from the Lord of the Manor of Harrow, but by 1697 the Harrow Parish Register describes one William Bodimeade as "of the Brickhills". It is with this William and his wife Mary that detailed records begin that are now available at the London Metropolitan Archives under Acc MRO 945. In his history of the Blackwell family Philip Blackwell states that this William was the William son of John christened at Watford in 1652, but no evidence is cited. Another secondary source suggests that William "of the Brickhills" was the son of Matthew. As Matthew was christened in 1651 and William's first children (Mary and William) were born about 1692, both scenarios are possible. The evidence to resolve this may lie in the Harrow Manorial Court Rolls, and the description that they give of the inheritance of the land at Harrow Weald.

The brickmaking business passed from William senior (died 1738) to William junior (c1692-1777) and his wife Ann Foster (c1706-1788) and from them to their sons John (c1740-1790) and Thomas (c1743-1804) in partnership, running kilns at Harrow Weald and Barnet respectively.

The last of the brickmaking Bodimeades was John's only child to survive to adulthood, Mary Ann (1771-1862), who married Charles Blackwell (1769-1849). Their son Charles Bodimeade Blackwell (1798-1882). continued the family business, whilst his brother Thomas (1804-1879) was co-founder of the well-known firm of Crosse and Blackwell. The history of this family is detailed in Philip Blackwell's Blackwells of Watford, Hertfordshire, 10 Generations 1547-1923.

Although several Bodimeade descendants (including myself) have family traditions about their family's relationship to the Blackwells, the only proven Bodimeade descent from this family into the 19th century is the family who were plumbers in Little Stanmore, Elstree and Edgware. This link is demonstrated by the will of Thomas Bodimeade of Barnet, uncle to Mary Ann Blackwell, which describes John Bodimeade, plumber of Little Stanmore, as Thomas's nephew. However which of Thomas's brothers was John's father is not yet known.

Family 2

These descendants of John Bodimeade and Dorcas Fomm are well documented in 19th and 20th century Harrow and Harrow Weald Parish Registers, census returns and local newspaper reports. They include my own Bodimeade ancestors. The parentage of John is unknown. From the date of their marriage, 1796, I estimate a birth date of 1775 or before, and he is most likely the John Bodimead aged 64 buried at Harrow in 1838, making his birth date about 1774.

Family 3

The descendants of George Bodimeade (1740-1796) are the most prolific of the Bodimeade familes. Again they are well documented in the parish registers at Harrow, Harrow Weald and Great Stanmore and in the 19th century census returns. The sticking point for tracing this line further back is the Harrow Parish Register entry for George's christening on 20 April 1740, which reads Bodymead, George son of               of Weald. As yet there is no other evidence of his parentage. It is unlikely to be William junior and Ann of Family 1 as all the children they christened at Harrow who survived infancy are mentioned in their wills. It is possible that Matthew and Deborah of Weald whose family was born between 1734 and 1745 are his parents.

Family 4

This family stand out in the 19th century records as living in north-west Kent and the east of London. The earliest certain member of this family is Thomas Bodimeade who married Elizabeth Scales in 1821. Thomas is almost certainly to be identified with the Thomas Henry son of Henry and Mary Bodymead christened in 1797 at St Andrew's Holborn.

Family 5

These are the probable descendants of William Bodimeade and Mary Gaskin. Each of the second generation (born 1802-1817) are documented as the children of a couple called William and Mary; they are probably all the children of the same William and Mary but this is not beyond doubt. After this generation, the descent of each family is securely documented, as is the fact that John, Thomas, George and James are brothers. William Bodimeade and Mary Gaskin were married in 1802 at St Marylebone, it is highly likely that this William is the William son of George and Mary of Family 3 christened in 1781 at Harrow.

Smaller family groups

These smaller family groups consisting of at least three generations are denoted by letters rather than numbers. They are mostly reconstructed from census returns and the General Register Office indexes, apart from Family B, they have not been traced to anyone proved to be born before the 1841 census or the 1837 start of civil registration. As research has progressed many of these groups have been successively linked to the other groups listed above.

Several Families from K onwards have been reconstructed solely from the 20th century general Register Office indexes. After 1911 the recording of spouse's surnames in the marriage indexes and mother's maiden names in the birth indexes allows families to be linked together, but there are inevitably some errors reconstructing families from this limited data. As most members of these families are still living, they are not included in the online database.

Family B

This family have the distinctive spelling of Bodemeaid or Bodemeaide for their surname, but some of them have the surname Bodemeaid-Burbage, and many of them are recorded simply as Burbage. They are traced from Henry Bodimeade alias Burbage (b.c.1815) and his wife Rebecca (c1815-1875) via their son Henry Bodemeaid alias Burbage (c1836-1897) forward to the present day. They christened two other children at Stanmore in the 1830s. Henry appears in the 1851 census under the surname Burbage and his place of birth is listed as Woolwich, whilst Rebecca was born in Harrow. By 1871 Rebecca is a widow, but in 1861 she is listed as married, though Henry has not yet been found in that census or the death registrations. Henry might just be Henry (b.c.1811) son of John and Dorcas of Family 2. However a birthplace of Woolwich suggests a possible link to Family 4.
The connection to Family 2 is now confirmed by the witnesses at Henry and Rebecca's marriage at Little Stanmore in 1831 being Martha Bodimeade and James Nicholls.

The 20th century descendants of this family can be demonstrated to have Bodemeaid, Burbage and Bodemeaid-Burbage as their surname in different male lines. However the latter name seems to have either died out or gone out of use, as it does not feature in the 2002 Electoral Roll.

Family K

Henry Bert Bodimeade (c.1904-1934) and Helena Alice Clemson (1903-1981) had two sons, and she had three daughters by another partner after his death. Their descendants have lived mostly in the Thurrock and Brentwood Districts of Essex. I've been unable to identify Henry's parents, though it is possible that he is the Bertie Bodimeade b.1904 of Family 2, of whom I have no record after 1923.

Family M

These are the descendants of George Bodimeade (b.1882, Hendon District, d.1957, Hammersmith District) and his wife Ada Rosina Reynolds. I have been unable to find George in the 1891 and 1901 censuses.
George's birth certificate shows that his parents were George Bodimeade and Margaret née Skennen, so this family is part of Family 3.

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