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This website uses Cascading style sheets to control style and presentation. This should allow you to over-ride my choices of colours and fonts if you want. On the static pages, using my style sheet, internal links appear in white and external ones in a pale yellow. The "static" pages are actually dynamically created by php scripts which allows me to have only one place to edit to change the header, footer or stylesheet for all pages on the site.

The database on this web site is implemented using Webtrees to present Gedcom files generated from my main off-line database. Webtrees is open-source, and customisable, which gives great flexibility in the presentation of the data. It also allows hyperlinks to be made directly from narrative webpages into the database, and thus allows the full power of hypertext to be harnessed.

For my off-line database I use The Master Genealogist software. My main criteria when searching for a package were full handling of sources, an ability to record ambiguity in the data, and a focus on recording events rather than individuals as the basic element of genealogical data. TMG does the first two of these things and allows editing of event tags in such way that the third is accommodated.

Base page Transcriptions Database Family groups Technical notes Acknowledgements
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